Actionable Cold Chain data for temperature controlled shipments

Cold Chain logistics facts

  • 20% cold chain failure during supply chain

  • 35$ billions worth lost due to temperature excursions

TrueCold: react on issues not problems

TrueCold converts IoT data in real-time actionable information to react upon issues on cold chain are detected. It is not about having more data but getting the information when needed and being able to process it immediately

  • Not selling sensors but enabling streamlined communication

  • Single point of contact for transport cold chain data regardless hardware used

  • Early anomaly detection powered by AI

TrueCold use cases

Health sector

The transportation of biological samples is a crucial part of the field of medicine and scientific research. They include tissues, blood, bodily fluids, etc that contain valuable information for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.
Monitoring temperature controlled shipments reduce errors in diagnosis, laboratory costs and improve patient safety.

Pharma Industry

Cold chain logistics is an important part of pharma logistics. Approximately 70% of drug products require proper temperature control. Maintaining the correct temperature during storage and transportation is crucial to preserve the quality and effectiveness of these products.

TrueCold: 3 data pillars

Smart Dataloggers

Use IoT devices and get real-time cold chain actionable data from validated software

Logistics data

Tracking goods not sensors. Linking between IoT device and logistics units is key to standardize the traceability unit

AI powered

React before issues became problems thanks to our AI powered platform and early anomaly detection algorithm

TrueCold reads, processes and shares cold chain data from IoT devices enabling real-time monitoring, reaction upon issues and preventing blocked stock due to manual quality controls.

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